The Showing Register and Grandstand Media announce 112 exclusive opportunities for Amateur Competitors!

Grandstand Media and TSR have announced exciting opportunities for amateur and home-produced competitors aiming to compete at HOYS in the upcoming season.

In a joint statement, Grandstand and The Showing Register revealed that The Showing Register Summer Show, taking place on 15th and 16th July 2023 at Stoneleigh Park, will be made an exclusively amateur and home-produced show featuring a full set of Horse of the Year Show ridden showing qualifiers.

In addition, further opportunities will be provided to amateurs that support the Horse of the Year Show showing qualifiers throughout the season via the new Premier Amateur League, which will be administered via The Showing Register. This new League will replace the recognised HOYS La Liga League, and will instead offer an additional HOYS 2023 ticket in every HOYS ridden showing class for eligible amateur combinations.

The Premier Amateur League will work to reward amateur combinations regularly placed in the top eight at HOYS qualifiers with points towards the league table. In similarity to the previous HOYS Showing Wildcard, the top five results from the season will be totalled to give an amount for each amateur or home-produced combination. The eligible combination with the greatest number of points from their top five placings, which has not already qualified for HOYS, will gain qualification for Horse of the Year Show 2023. Combinations that top the Premier Amateur League will also see their consistency rewarded with exclusive TSR prizes.

Together, these exciting initiatives will see a significant total of 112 places across the ridden showing classes at Horse of the Year Show 2023 dedicated to amateur and home-produced combinations.

This is a significant development to the qualification process for HOYS, underpinning Grandstand’s support for TSR’s ethos of providing development opportunities in showing across all levels. To provide further support for amateur and home-produced combinations, TSR will be providing further training clinics for all levels both in-hand and ridden, HOYS preparations days and exclusive training and advice for TSR members.

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