Meet the Ridden Cob of the Year Ride Judge

Charles Le Moignon is a familiar face in our showrings at the highest level. But perhaps we are more used to him heading lineups than handing out the rosettes! We find out more about Charles, who will be judging the ride given by exhibits vying for the Ridden Cob of the Year title!

“I was born in Jersey in 1952 to a farming family,” explained Charles. “My parents and siblings were not the slightest interested in horses so had to make my own way. I started working for my lessons at the local riding school and at 10 years old, I had my first experience in showing a 12.2 and became hooked!”

Charles considers himself lucky to have met a lady called Lynn Crawford, who also resided in Jersey. “She had the very best ponies,” said Charkes, adding, “I showed a 14.2 for her that had previously been champion at Dublin. Lynn introduced me to Stella Harries and encouraged me to spend a couple of seasons with her to gain experience.” Considering this advice, Charles purchased two horses and went to stay with Hilary Wathen, whom he met through a mutual friend, with the intention that Hilary would mentor him. He got more than he bargained for. “Hilary soon become Hilary Le Moignan,” said Charles, “and has guided me through my career ever since.”

There’s no doubt that career is a succesful one, with Charles continuing to produce and show champions, but he’s looking forward to the challenge of judging the cobs this year’s HOYS instead. “Judging the cobs is a great honour which I’m looking forward to. I am looking for a horse that walks into the ring and says, ‘look at me!’ It must be true to type and a weight carrying animal with a bit of quality about it, and most of all, it must enjoy going about its work. As for the ride I am not looking for a Police Horse and won’t mind them having a bit of expression and enjoying themselves providing it’s not naughty. I’m not paranoid about their ages; I’m judging what I see and feel on the day. Most importantly at the top level that HOYS is, I want to be given a ride and not have to create one; Good luck to everyone.”

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