Two for One!

Breeder and producer Ian Boylan got more than he bargained for when BRP mare Thirkleby Solstice (Sally) foaled late last month, producing rare twin filly foals.

Bred by Mrs Ramsey and owned by Jenny and Jeff Harker, Sally had formerly birthed two stunning foals by the revered Alonby Chardonnier, bred by Ian and owned by Alison Milford of Deehaven stud. As a result, Ian was “keen” to loan Sally from the Harkers to breed further foals from her.

Ian, who is currently based at Ribbleview Stud, had Sally scanned at 14 days after covering and again at 25 days. At this point, Sally’s pregnancy appeared normal. Should the twins have been spotted, it is likely that Ian would have been advised to ‘pinch’ one embryo as twin pregnancies are extremely rare and can be dangerous for the mare. However, Sally’s pregnancy continued to progress normally until she finally went into labour two weeks after her due date.

Ribbleview’s Liz Simpson and her father Graham acted immediately alongside head girl Abbie Austin and veterinary assistance from Oakhill Vets. Together they delivered the surprise twins safely.

Ian was quick to credit and thank Liz: “Without her expertise, skills and quick thinking along with the tremendous support from Oakhill Vets, the outcome could have been quite different. I shall forever be indebted to her and everyone involved in bringing them into the world safely.”

The fillies, named Babette and Bettina are said to be “thriving and utterly beautiful” whilst Ian described Sally as the “most wonderful mother: patient, loving and totally in awe of her daughters.”

We think Babette and Bettina are super cute and we wish them the very best of luck for the future!

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