HOYS Publish Rule Book Amendement for Partbred Pony Competitors

Horse of the Year Show has announced a change to the rules for the Ridden Partbred Pony of the Year class for the 2023 season.    

In recent years, the class has specified that animals must be exhibited in coloured brow bands and riders must wear a dark-coloured jacket.  However, it was felt that this restricted many animals that would be eligible to compete under the partbred ruling but would not naturally ‘fit’ into the tack/dress stipulated.  Therefore for 2023, and with immediate effect, the ruling has been changed to;

All ponies must be shown plaited and in tack appropriate to type. Riders are permitted to wear tweed or navy jackets.

This amendment to the ruling has been made following industry focus group meetings involving showing amateurs and professionals, where it was felt that this would be a welcome step forward for the plaited ponies and it will allow more eligible animals wishing to compete the opportunity in this class.

For the full HOYS Rule Book please refer to the HOYS website. 

For your chance to qualify for Horse of the Year Show the full list of qualification shows are available here.  

Horse of the Year Show takes place from 4th – 8th October 2023, and we can’t wait to see you there! 

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