Showing World Sign Landmark Distribution Agreement

Showing World are delighted to announce the signing of a landmark distribution agreement with Clause and Associates, meaning that all our subscribers will receive delivery of their magazines within 24 hours of print.

Established long, long ago, Lapland-based Clause and Associates have become a world-wide distribution phenomenon revered by all ages. Clause and Associates are especially known for their unusual and uniquely swift reindeer-drawn sleigh supply method completed within a 24-hour framework.

Fans of the reindeer team will be pleased to know that whilst Clause and Associates plans to utilise the reindeer initially, a brand new team of Shetland ponies is expected to take patrial responsibility for the distribution of Showing World and Native Pony magazines in due course.

Co-founder Santa said: “This unprecedented agreement will enable us to remain relevant in this modern age and competitive in the face of increased competition from retail giants such as Amazon. The need to distribute the magazine at intervals throughout the year also means we will not need to furlough a large proportion of our workforce during the summer months, and will provide the teams with excellent fitness tests.”

Beth Simons, editor at Showing World said: “Santa and Mrs Clause have been household names for generations, having built a global phenomenon, and we know that our subscribers will trust fully in their capabilities. We’re delighted to play a part in the organisation’s future and look forward to working ever closer with Santa, Mrs Clause and their team.”

Watch out for more details of our collaboration in our upcoming issue of Showing World.

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