BEVA to send vital Power to vets in Ukraine

BEVA, as a part of British Equestrians for Ukraine, is supplying the war-torn country with 10 generators to provide vital power to help care for displaced and injured horses, during enforced power cuts. Funds for the generators are being raised through the BEVA Trust’s Power to Ukraine appeal. There is still time to donate on their Just Giving page here: Any surplus funds will be added to the general fund to support equids in Ukraine.

With the war in Ukraine raging for almost a year the winter has presented considerable challenges for the people and their animals there. Temperatures regularly dip to minus 15 and the coming weeks are likely to bring more freezing temperatures and icy conditions.

“Power cuts forced on entire communities make daily care for displaced and injured horses even more difficult,” said BEVA Council Member Alison Talbot who is leading the project. “During the power cuts the vets, owners and carers of these horses are not only deprived of light but also hot water, equipment and sustenance, making emergency and even day-to-day veterinary care almost impossible.

“Most equine vets and horse owners have been in the situation of muddy fields, no light and no power and can sympathise on this basic level. But add to the struggle the dodging of shelling and the difficulty of communicating when there is no means of charging digital equipment and the situation is even more desperate.”

The 10 generators, costing £1500 each, have been sourced in Germany and will be transported to a collection point in Poland. Their delivery to Ukraine will be coordinated by a Ukrainian vet who, prior to the war, used to co-ordinate educational conferences in conjunction with the BEVA Trust in Kyiv.

BEVA Trust, (BEVA’s charitable arm) and World Horse Welfare, who are both part of the British Equestrians for Ukraine project, have long-standing relationships with the Ukrainian Veterinary Society, with educational trips to Ukraine running for many years prior to the war. The same veterinary surgeons that once warmly welcomed BEVA members and hosted congresses in Kyiv are now fighting in the army as well as treating animals.

“We can scarcely imagine the challenges that our veterinary colleagues in Ukraine are facing, but we understand all too well the welfare impact facing horses deprived of even the most basic care,” said World Horse Welfare Chief Executive Roly Owers. “The provision of generators through BEVA Trust’s Power To Ukraine appeal will help enable vets to give much-needed treatment to those vulnerable horses. I implore colleagues in the UK to share this appeal with their networks and clients so that together we can raise urgent funds to supply generators to where they are needed most.”

A video explaining the plight of equids in Ukraine is available here:

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