Area of the Year

NCPA Derbyshire

What a team! NCPA’s two day Derbyshire Festival is an amazing achievement for a small team. ‘It must take some organising,’ said one nomination! We tend to agree, as they host an impressive array of HOYS qualifiers and still find time, space and energy to host a good range of classes ‘for novices, too which often get overlooked at the summer qualifying shows as everybody so busy chasing golden tickets’.

Welshmoor Events

Welshmoor Events received glowing recommendations. According to fans, this ‘inclusive organisation’ attracts both ‘grassroots to county winners alike, being a highlight of the local calendar’. Locally, the shows are seen as super events to build confidence and experience for both equines and humans alike!


BSPS 1A are an active area with plenty to keep members engaged as they not only run shows, but also arrange other events including training clinics, lessons, sessions for training young judges and have lots of ‘social engagement’ with chairperson Joanne Pybus going ‘above and beyond’ for members.


Nominations for BSPS Area 2B spoke of the support they give members. They go above and beyond for the good of the membership in several ways.

NPS Area 29

NPS Area 29 are a dynamic and enthusiastic bunch, working hard to provide a range of classes for members and the wider showing community alike. Their efforts to introduce a fun element to their shows have not been missed, with competitors, officials and spectators joining in the fun posing in fancy dress at their Halloween show.   

NPS Area 20

NPS Area 20 represent another hard-working group ‘passionate about providing their members with plenty of classes at their shows’ and they are also credited with providing support and encouragement to members who are working towards their goals and plenty of congratulations when goals are met’.

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