SEIB Finds Star in World Horse Welfare’s Paolo

Nine-year-old traditional gelding, Paolo has become the first World Horse Welfare horse to qualify for SEIB’s Search For a Star final at Your Horse Live, ridden by Grace Willis.

Paolo has been under the World Horse Welfare’s system all of his life, having been admitted into their care when his mother was rescued by the charity with him in utero. He was born at the charity and then began his education at Writtle University College, which is where he found Grace. She explained: “I was studying there and fell in love with his cheeky personality so took him home when he was five years old”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t plain sailing for the pair as Paolo soon underwent laser surgery twice on his sheath due to cancerous sarcoids. “However, he has made a miraculous recovery and we are now back out doing what we love,” said Grace. Last season, he qualified for the Sunshine Tour at Hickstead where he won his in hand class for rescued horses and ponies, stood reserve champion in the novice in hand and fifth in his traditional class as well as being placed eight of 32 in dressage.

Paolo and Grace attended their first SEIB Search For A Star qualifier at Bury Farm on May 22nd and won his in traditional hand class, qualifying for Your Horse Live. “We also attempted the TGCA ridden class which was huge, and the biggest class we’ve ever done! We didn’t qualify but definitely hope to attempt it again”, said a very proud Grace. She added, “Paolo is the most loving pony with a huge personality. He puts his all into everything I ask him to do. I am delighted that World Horse Welfare Paolo was the first WHW pony to qualify for SEIB’s Search For a Star. We cannot wait to attend the championships at Your Horse Live in November and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future!”

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