BSPS Announce New Robert Oliver Showman Award

The British Show Pony Society has announced a new initiative to spot and nurture talented young riders in honour of supreme showman, Robert Oliver.  

During the 2022, season members of the BSPS Council will be talent spotting young competitors in each of following categories: show ponies, show hunter ponies, working hunter ponies, heritage working hunter ponies, mountain and moorland ridden classes and intermediates. Riders will be 25 years and under and will be chosen to compete at the final for their flair, showmanship and presence in the ring.

Claire Oliver said: “Robert loved being President of the BSPS, a role he really valued and enjoyed. He would be thrilled that young rider who display real “showmanship” are being recognised and rewarded by this award given in his honour”.

The final will be judged at the BSPS Summer championship show and comes complete with an exciting prize package that includes an afternoon tour of dressage afficionado and Olympian Carl Hester’s yard.

Paul Cook, BSPS National Chairman said: “We are delighted that this award not only spots talent in show riders of the future, but in doing so, honours one of our greatest ever showmen and producers. Robert epitomised style, tradition, showmanship with charm and manners and true sportsmanship.  This is something I hope our young riders can emulate and aspire to”. 

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