The Showing World Unites for Ukraine

The showing and wider equestrian world have come together in a superb initiative to take aid to the Ukrainian border.

Louenna Hood was saddened to hear accounts of families walking into her Polish friend’s familial hometown destitute. Feeling that she wanted to do something to help, she placed an appeal on her Instagram account @nannylouenna for children’s clothing and other childcare related goods.

“I spoke to a contact in Poland who said that children were freezing cold and in need of basic essentials such as baby food, nappies and clothing. I offered to cover postage of the good directly to where they were needed if my Instagram followers were willing to donate,” said Louenna.

However, within hours, it became clear that she would have far more than a few boxes to send.

“It escalated quickly, and we have been great friends with Phil Judge for years,” explained Louenna. She contacted Phil for assistance with the logistics of getting a large load overseas.

Phil was only too happy to help. Phil said: “It’s wonderful what Louenna’s done. It’s a really positive, lovely thing and we’re thrilled to be a part of it and to work as a team in this way.”

A fellow showing enthusiast and businessman has kindly sponsored the diesel and the crossing fee, and the Grandstand Media team has filled a horse lorry with supplies that they will take down to Phil this week before his journey. Meanwhile the wider showing world have also pledged their support through donating goods or funds via Louenna’s  JustGiving page.  As we write, the page has amassed more than £13,000.

When we spoke to Louenna, she was busy sorting through packages along with the rest of the Hood family. She said: “My house is full and there are boxes lining the driveway. My brother, Oli is on his way over to me with his horsebox to help store goods and Mum and Dad [Ann and Allister Hood] are at the kitchen table unpacking boxes”.

Louenna will continue taking donations until Friday meaning that you still have time to get behind the initiative. You can send donations directly to her or via her wishlist.

The load will leave early next week, and Phil intends to drive it himself. He will cross from Dover to Callais before making the 1000 miles across Europe to the load’s final destination.

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