Horse of the Year Show announce exciting new opportunity for junior Mountain and Moorland exhibitors!

Mountain and Moorland classes have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years. In a bid to reflect this trend and offer yet more opportunities for younger riders to participate in the show, Horse of the Year Show has announced an exciting new class: the Mountain and Moorland 122cm Junior Working Hunter Pony Class.

This class will be for riders who have not attained their 12th birthday in the current year.  The course of fences will consist of only one double and no water tray, with a maximum fence height of 65cm, and a maximum width of 55cm at the final. At qualifiers, the height of the fences will not exceed 60cm.

There will be 10 junior qualifiers throughout the season.

Eligible ponies may compete in qualifiers for both the Open 122cm and the Junior 122cm classes. However, they will only be able to compete in one of these categories at the Horse of the Year Show final and that one class must be the first section they qualify in.

For example, should a pony win a Junior Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter class prior to winning the Open Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter class, they must compete only in the Junior class at the final. If, on the other hand they qualify in the Open Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter class first, then they cannot also qualify in the Junior class and must contest the Open in the final.

Just as the Junior ridden classes have been hugely successful since their introduction in 2016, we’re sure that this class will be extremely popular, and wish all young working hunter enthusiasts the best of luck!

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