Two of our leading pony societies, the British Show Pony Society has and National Pony Society, have announced that they have joined forces to bring a new initiative promoting the Breeding of British Riding Ponies to the BSPS Summer Championships.  

In selected classes, the highest placed mare will be entered into The Breeders Challenge, with the champion winning a stallion premium covering by Llanarth Top Cat, kindly sponsored by Jerome Harforth. The reserve champion will receive a £500 stallion premium voucher sponsored by the National Pony Society. The stallion premiums offered through the challenge will remain with the pony. It is hope that this will encourage owners to breed from their mares when they retire from the show ring.  

Edward Young, BSPS Council member said, “We are pleased to be working in partnership with the NPS, to promote the breeding of riding ponies, support existing breeders, and hopefully, encourage new breeders of the future”. 

Chair NPS Stud Book Committee Chair, Anneli Jones said: “We are also keen to help riders get a good understanding of how their pony is bred and an appreciation for reputable, responsible breeders is key to this. To this end, the NPS has been working with BSPS to identify ways to encourage this. We are pleased that breeders will be invited to showcase their studs at the BSPS Summer Championship show and the Stud Book Committee is also looking to identify other events to showcase the qualities of the breed”.  

This is an exciting initiative that is much needed to drive the promotion of the breed, especially within the younger generation. 

For more information on the National Pony Society, visit:

For more information on the British Show Pony Society, visit: BSPS :: The British Show Pony Society

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