Introducing our new columnist, Vicky Smith!

We’re delighted to welcome producer Vicky Smith on board as our newest columnist. Cheshire based Vicky will be keeping us up-to-date with her team’s progress and giving us her opinion on the issues and events that crop up through the season.

But, before we get our first issue out to you, we thought it would be fun to turn the spotlight on our columnist, Vicky Smith a little better…

SW: How long have you been producing?

Vicky: I’ve always ridden for other producers and owners since my days in pony classes. When myself and my partner, Alan, moved to Bridge Farm in 2018, I began to take in a couple of clients and the yard grew.

SW: First RIHS win?

Vicky: It was riding the coloured horse, Waibalou. He went on to be reserve supreme coloured to the prolific winner, Humdinger.

SW: First golden ticket to HOYS?

Vicky: My first ticket was in 1999 on a Connemara called Sydserff Golden Oak. I was fifteen years old and it was the first year that the mountain and moorlands went to HOYS. I was super excited to finish second in the large breeds and to have a photo with John Whitaker. It was very different then; the ring was a blue and white marquee on the car park, but it was equally as special as it is now.

SW: First HOYS win?

Vicky: This was riding Hayley and Karen Sankey’s The Life of Riley. We not only won, but went on to be champion. It was special moment to trot down the centre line.

SW: Most memorable showing moment to date? Good or bad?

Vicky: My best moment was winning HOYS on myself and Alan’s cob, Bling Cobsby. He’s such a sensitive soul and all our hard work and patience paid off. We never looked back from that day.

The most memorable bad moment was at a show in May about 10 years ago. I had a cob from Ireland and it was the last RIHS qualifier of the season. The owner was desperate to qualify and I was the only one in the class. He went beautifully for the judge but as I trotted up in-hand he bolted, jumped the fence and left the ring. It took 20 minutes to catch him. Sadly, he didn’t get his ticket….

SW: That sounds terrible! If you weren’t a producer, what would you be?

Vicky: I imagine I would still be teaching PE in a secondary school and eventing at the weekends.

SW: Favourite holiday destination or somewhere that’s on the bucket list?

Vicky: I love South Africa. I’m lucky to have been three times and to have judged at the South African Horse Of The Year Show in 2020. The weather, people and food are just incredible.

SW: What do you like to do away from the horses, in the evenings or on weekends?

Vicky: I love eating and seeing my friends. If I’m not showing, I love going training or competing with my event horses.

SW: Favourite dinner dish or destination?

Vicky: Anything pasta related at San Carlo restaurant. Equally, I love a Sunday roast at our local pub.

SW: One thing that you could not live without?

Vicky: My dogs, Tilly and Dinky. They come everywhere I go and are the best company.

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