Members of the Joint Measurement Board, acting on behalf of their societies and associations and in full support of the official measurers, unanimously agreed that from the commencement of season 2018, random blood samples would be taken at the time of measurement for routine annual and full measurements.

Naturally, this is already normal procedure at re-measurements and gold measurements.

During the early months of this year, the JMB deployed a structured approach to initiate the scheme – and numerous random samples were taken by measurers all across the UK – all samples were tested.

The JMB is pleased to announce that, so far, all sample results have proved negative. Costs of sampling have been (and will continue to be) borne by the JMB.

The new procedure will be continued and will remain nationwide. Widely embraced by official measurers, owners and exhibitors, it has already gone a long way to ensure that all animals presented for Measurement are free from Prohibited Substances and are in a healthy, ‘competition’ condition which mirrors the rules of their relevant society or association, whether for showing, junior show jumping or pony racing.

Details about Prohibited Substances can be found in Appendix 3 of the JMB Rules.

All measuring Rules and information can be obtained by referring to the JMB Website, by e-mailing, or call the office: 01293 862 101