The Traditional Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA) created in 2005 by Andrea Betteridge has become the world leading organisation for the traditional gypsy cob and now requires larger premises.  Andrea is proud to announce that the TGCA head office will be moving to Willowsway Country Estate, Stainton, Cumbria under the stewardship of Hilary and Jo Waterhouse.

Andrea Betteridge said “I am thrilled that the breed and its popularity can continue to grow under the professional team at the new head office in Cumbria.    We have proved the versatility of the breed and its international popularity continues to grow.  Numerous new and exciting opportunities are planned for our worldwide supporters and I am proud that I will continue to be part of the association, but will now have the time to concentrate on the welfare arm of the organisation Cob Care”.

Hillary Waterhouse said “Jo and I are delighted to be joining the TGCA team as Directors and that Willowsway Country Estate will host the international head office.  The on-site facilities of Willowsway Stud and Rehabilitation will be an asset to developing and hosting breed events and clinics in the future.    Our shared love and passion for this versatile breed of the British Isles plus the development of the mother stud book for the traditional gypsy cob will be at the heart of all we do.   We are excited for the future and our role in continuing to drive forward the vision and ambition of Andrea Betteridge for the traditional gypsy cob”.

The new face of the Traditional Gypsy Cob Association will continue to take shape over the next few months please visit to support our progress and find out more about what is happening.  Exciting times ahead!